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If you would like to integrate the sale of our products into your travel agency online sales module, fill out this form and send it to us. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm that your username has been validated so that you can start to use the system.

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First. The present agreement exclusively governs the use of the NEOTURISMO S.A. Internet online sales module by retailers whose details have been entered into the registration form of the reservation module.
A pdf version of the sales commissions can be downloaded from the website www.neoexperience.com and reservation payments must always be made using a credit card.

Second. In return, the travel agency will receive free access and use of NEOTURISMO S.A.’s online reservation module, via an Internet connection.

Third. NEOTURISMO S.A. will provide the Travel Agency with an access code to the reservation module.

Once registration has been completed and the retail travel agency has been provided the login and password, it will be responsible for the use and management of the reservation module, complying with any obligations that might derive from it.

Fourth. Both parties agree that the conditions of this partnership shall remain confidential. Neither NEOTURISMO nor the travel agency will make public this agreement without first having the written consent of the other party.

Fifth. This agreement will come into effect the day the retail agency account is activated and will be valid until December 31st {'Y'|date}, at which time, the present contract will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis, unless either of the parties renounces to such an effect with 30 days notice in writing.

Sixth. Should there be any disagreement between the parties, they both agree to be subject to the courts of Madrid.

Seventh. You are hereby notified that any personal information freely supplied will be stored in the electronic and/or computer records and will be processed in complete confidentiality by Neoturismo S.A., manually, electronically and remotely in full accordance with the law.
You have the right to access your information and can request its correction, incorporation and, should it be necessary, its deletion or prohibit its use.


Neoturismo, S.A., in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of the Data Protection Act (LOPD) and any subsequent regulations, ensures the security and confidentiality of any data supplied by its clients, which will be housed in the electronic records belonging to NEOTURISMO and will be used to facilitate communication with our clients, as well as for sending information that may be of interest to them, and this may be done via email

Neoturismo, S.A., as owner of the file, guarantees and acknowledges the right to access, correct, delete and object to the use of any information supplied, as well as any request to unsubscribe to the delivery of any material of a commercial nature, which can be done by sending a written request to the following address C/ Pretil de los Consejos, 7. Local. 28005 - Madrid (España) or by completing this form.

Ich habe gelesen und akzeptiere den Datenschutz und die Sicherheit der persönlichen Daten.

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